Kaivac AutoVac StretchSystem

    Kaivac® AutoVac StretchSystem

    Kaivac Cleaning Systems

    AutoVac Stretch™ is a simple high-speed system for cleaning wide-area hard surface areas like hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, fitness areas and more. Kaivac’s extreme soil removal technology combined with its unique recycling option enables unprecedented cleaning range and productivity in a walk-behind machine -- without loss of cleaning effectiveness. It offers autoscrubber performance at a fraction of the cost, and complexity.

    Category: Floor Care
    Company: Kaivac Cleaning Systems
    Company Website: https://kaivac.com/
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    Adaptable Flat Mop Kit

    Adaptable Flat Mop Kit

    Rubbermaid Commercial Products

    The Adaptable Flat Mop Kit is made for ergonomic microfiber mopping in large spaces using your existing Mop Bucket. Kit includes one Adaptable Flat Mop Frame, two Adaptable Flat Mop Pads, one Wringer Insert, and one Quick-Connect handle. The wringable microfiber mopping solution allows you to integrate microfiber mopping with your current cleaning process.

    Categories: Floor Care,Schools
    Company: Rubbermaid Commercial Products
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